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Our Business

YPIL—Pest Elimination was established by specialist industrial powder company the YPIL Group to market to producers of pest control products a patented magnetic powder technology (MAGTHANITE™). Learn more about YPIL Group....

Our Technology

MAGTHANITE™ is a proprietary blend of inert and magnetic powders, which facilitates and enhances the delivery of an active ingredient into the harbourages of cockroaches and other social insects.  Learn more about how this technology works....

Our Products

YPIL oversees the blending of inactive MAGTHANITE™ powder in the UK; this is then exported to a network of blenders/ formulators worldwide. These companies add an active ingredient to create dry flow powder pest elimination products designed to kill cockroaches and other social insects in their harbourages. Learn about the efficacy of products using the technology....

Our Global Partners

Pest control products incorporating the MAGTHANITE™ technology  are formulated and distributed worldwide by a network of alliances with producers/distributors of pest control products. Learn more about our global partners....

Our Customers

Products utilizing YPIL’s MAGTHANITE™ technology are used by professional pest control operators, institutional users such as airlines, hospitals and governments, as well as by individual consumers.  Products are specifically differentiated in delivery concept, active ingredient and branding between professional and home use.


Pest-Ventures 2010, Kegworth, Nottinghamshire


20/21 April 2010, YPIL Chief Executive Colin O’Halloran to deliver a talk on ‘Using magnetically charged powder to deliver insecticides’

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